Recognizing that its members deserve leaders who are knowledgeable and well prepared, the South Carolina REALTORS® coordinates a statewide leadership training program called the SCR Leadership Academy.

Class of 2020

Through this program, SCR trains emerging REALTOR® leaders so that they may exert a positive influence on the future of SCR, their Local Boards/Associations, their industry and communities.

The participants work together in a training course of five retreats that combine presentations, group activities and project planning. Sessions include the development of leadership skills, team-building exercises, goal setting, personal profile analysis, communication, ethical decision-making…and much more.

2024 Retreats

Session 1


Welcome to the SCR Leadership Academy · Charleston, SC

In this session participants will be introduced to the SCR Leadership Academy  and learn its history. An overview of the class will discuss upcoming sessions, committee application processes, expectations/responsibilities, and class outcomes.

Participants will engage with key SCR staff to discuss how SCR leads the real estate industry and the importance of a “members first” mentality when proposing statewide initiatives.

You’ll participate in engaging team-building exercises to get to know your fellow classmates and take a deep dive into leadership communications with in in-depth class on professionalism, business etiquette, and the skill of polish.

Session 2


How SCR Leads Real Estate at the Statehouse · Columbia, SC

SCR prides itself on advocating for home ownership and the rights of homeowners. In this session, leadership academy participants are exposed to how SCR utilizes its resources to advocate for homeownership and REALTORS®.

Participants will have access and information to the inner workings of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) and the REALTOR® Party; a bi-partisan political advocacy group. There will also be exposure to effective lobbying techniques and how to best represent issues concerning real estate to elected officials.

After visiting the statehouse, visit the SCR headquarters with your classmates. Hear from SCR leaders who will share their leadership journey.

  • Active Listening
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leading Vs Managing

Session 3


Meet with NAR Staff and SC members of Congress · Washington, DC

The goal is to take a deep dive on all things NAR, meeting with key staff and leaders. Gain an understanding of how the committee process works at NAR, how to volunteer, and the mechanics of the organization.  Why is it important to participate at a national level. Class members will also meet with members of congress.

Session 4


Becoming a Better Spokesperson at Buckridge Plantation · Orangeburg, SC

Knowing what to say and how to say it can be difficult; especially if you don’t know why you are being asked to say it! This session is dedicated to training participants in the fundamentals of spokesperson training.

Session 5


Building Your Legacy: Taking the Next Steps in Your Leadership Journey | SCR Annual Conference · TBA

Participants will attend the SCR Annual Conference.

Everyone is unique and has their own goals and definition for success. The final session of the leadership academy focuses on next steps and future goals of each participant. After being exposed to SCR’s expectations of leadership and the internal workings of the association at the national level, each leadership participant will be asked to critically analyze their next steps within the association.